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Discord is a great place to talk, meet new people, and even play some paper magic without having to leave the comforts of your own home! We use our Discord server for important announcements, arena giveaways, and as a space for our community to get together and play!


Tournament Schedule


Friday Night Magic: 

  • Modern: Our FNM Modern tournaments are a Swiss style event with a $5 entry fee. Prizes include: Pack per win, standard promo pack for top 3 (first place is a foil promo pack), and singles for top 3.


  • Commander: Our free play commander on Friday's is a $5 optional entry. If you enter into the event you will receive a current standard Draft Booster Pack of your choice and then if you stay until 8:00 pm you will receive another standard Draft Booster Pack along with a pick from our prize bucket with prizes ranging from store credit to deck boxes!


Monthly Commander League: 

 Our Commander League is a month long event where you come in an play to earn raffle tickets for prizes given out at the end of the month! For every Saturday (1:00 pm - 8:00 pm) or Sunday (1:00 pm - 6:00 pm) you stay and play at least 3 hours of EDH (Commander) you will get a raffle ticket for whatever prize you want! There is also an additional way to earn more raffle tickets to increase your chances in the form of achievements! This month's achievements are focused on the new set Innistrad: Midnight Hunt

Full Moon: Control three or more transformed creatures.

Greater Coven: Control seven or more creatures with different powers.

Village Rites: Sacrifice 6 or more permanents in a single turn.

Fangs and Claws: Control 5 or more creatures with Trample or Menace

Overfilled Cemetery: Have 20 or more creature cards in your graveyard.

Unlucky Number: Control a 13/13 creature.

Town Defense: Block a single creature with 9 or more creatures.

Gathering Power: Control a Planeswalker with 10 or more Loyalty counters on it.

Bring Back the Dead: Have three or more creatures enter the Battlefield from your graveyard in a single turn.

Creatures of the Night: Control a Spirit, a Vampire, a Werewolf, and a Zombie at the same time.


These achievements change every month and are completely optional. Completing 5 out of the 10 will earn you a current Standard Promo Pack while 7 out of 10 will get you that extra ticket for the raffle! How you play and what you play is completely up to you and your playgroup. If you want to play a 6 person game of Planechase, good luck! If you want to play cEDH all night, more power to you! It is totally free play and we encourage branching our of your comfort zone to try new things!


Please sign up ahead of time. Register Here for Tournaments 


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