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Kirito's Sword Elucidator

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Product Overview

Kirito’s Elucidator is one of the most easily recognizable swords in all of anime. With its unique handguard and distinct black blade, it has become a symbol of the Sword Art Online franchise itself.

This high-fidelity Kirito’s sword Elucidator replica has the same iconic appearance fans will recognize from the anime. The backstory of the sword is certainly befitting a strong-willed protagonist (or cosplayer!), as it was a boss drop from a monster on the 50th floor of Aincrad. Since the start of Kirito’s journey, he wielded the sword as his primary blade, and continued to utilize it even after he started dual-wielding.

This replica of Kirito’s famous black sword has the following qualities: 

- 42 1/2” overall length
- 31" black stainless steel blade
- 8” faux leather wrapped handle
- Includes hard wood black lacquered scabbard with faux leather decorative straps

It is not sharpened and is suitable for display and cosplay.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review