Moss Agate Gemstone Bracelet

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Found mainly as weathered fragments of volcanic rocks spanning across India, Brazil, Uruguay, central Europe, and even the western United States, moss agate is most known for its uncanny resemblance to moss or other vegetation. This moss-like resemblance caused many European farmers to use this stone to encourage successful harvests and yields. Moss agate was also commonly regarded as the "luck stone" in Britain during the late 18th century.


Moss agate is commonly used to promote balance and harmony, closely mimicking nature. Similar to moss on a tree, this stone attracts abundance and success in times of growth. Along with this, moss agate also helps boost one's self-esteem and natural curiosity. 


If you are looking for an adventure, to return back to your natural roots and balance your energies, these natural moss agate beaded bracelets are perfect for you! Not only will they aid in your journey but you will also have a beautiful fashion accessory while doing it.


These elastic bead bracelets fit most wrists and will vary slightly in color as each and every bead is a natural moss agate stone.


Moss Agate Metaphysical Properties:

  • Boosts Self-Esteem & Curiosity
  • Brings Balance & Harmony
  • Attracts Abundance & Success