Fluorite Gemstone Bracelet

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Known for its attractive purple and teal coloration, fluorite jewelry is actually a great choice if you are looking for something unique that will help give off a mystical vibe. Our high-quality fluorite bracelets are made with natural stone and pair well with a variety of styles. Fluorite is said to have energy detoxification properties and works well to transmute negative into positive energy. It’s also a wonderful gemstone to help with stress and concentration, as well as aiding in communication. 

8mm Beaded Fluorite Bracelet
Elastic, fits most wrists.
Natural stone; please allow for some variation in color.

Fluorite is a stone for communication and positivity.

*Enhances Mental Clarity & Concentration
*Balances Emotions & Clears Old Habits
*Aids Self-Assurance & Positive Intentions

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