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Eye of Agamotto

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High quality replica based on the upgrade Eye of Agamotto seen in Doctor Strange: The Sorcerer Supreme.
The Eye of Agamotto. An awesome amulet, the top talisman, the most excellent eye, bling from beyond... call it what you will, but no Dr. Strange costume would be complete without it. Hang it from your neck, clasp it to your cloak or display it in your trophy room next to your orb;

- The stand can be lighten up by press the button on the bottom of the stand. It also can be charged by using Android cable.
- With makings fastidious, The eye of Agamotto is made of metal. It consists of dozens of parts.
- Hand-made braided necklace, unique with high quality.
- The back cover is magnetically attracted and can be easily opened.
- The Eye of Agamotto can be light up with LED. There are luminescent stones in the time stone, which can absorb light and enhance the luminous effect.
- The eyes can be open or close by yourself.
- 1/1 scale life size, perfect replica from the movie.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review