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Hematite Gemstone Bracelet

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What Does a Hematite Bracelet Do?
Hematite bead bracelets are believed to fight pain and provide stress relief. They may also be effective at relieving fatigue and anxiety.

Hematite is also connected to the root chakra and may be effective at grounding you, clearing your chakras, providing mental clarity, and alleviating restlessness and insomnia. Due to its association with the root chakra, hematite is known for its ability to provide stability and clear negative energies.

8mm Beaded Bracelet
Elastic, fits most wrists.
Natural stone; please allow for some variance in color.
Hematite is a stone for grounding
*Absorbs & Dissolves Negative Energy
*Clears Anxiety & Increases Optimism
*Boosts Self-Esteem & Enhances Personal Power


(No reviews yet) Write a Review