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Carded Light Blue Evil Eye Bracelet

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Product Overview

Evil eye jewelry, like this evil eye bracelet, helps to reflect bad energy back and away from the wearer, bringing in peace, balance, clarity, and good fortune.

Evil eye jewelry and amulets are also made in a wide range of colors which are appreciated for their particular abilities to bestow unique abilities. This light blue evil eye bracelet is the color of a clear blue sky. It will bring peace, tranquility, and the ability to adapt your perspective. It also provides general protection against negative energies. 

A Powerful & Protective Symbol Used Against Harmful Energy by Reflecting a Malevolent Gaze Back Upon Those Who Wish Ill on the Wearer. 

- Boosts Feelings of Solitude and Peace
- Aids in Broadening your Perspective
- Provides General Protection 

Elastic, fits most wrists.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review