Moldavite Necklace

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Moldavite pendants are said to have transformative properties, and are known for their otherworldly olive green color. Moldavite stones are actually a type of glass forged from a distinct meteor impact that occurred in Europe up to 15 million years ago.

This unique gemstone is associated with making positive changes in one’s life, and has extraterrestrial associations as well. Because it is a tektite and formed through a unique meteoric event, it is one of a kind and considered precious. Hailed for its natural beauty, attractive texture, and energy properties, a moldavite crystal necklace is just what you need if you are looking for protection, personal healing, or simply if you want to make a statement.

Metaphysical Properties: Connection

*Tranformation, Growth & Protection 

*Carries Extraterrestrial & Earthly Frequencies

*Releases Blockages & Encourages Change

*Used for Cleansing & Meditation


Material - 925 Sterling Silver

Main Stone - Moldavite

Stone Size - 4 mm

Stone Shape - Round-Cut

Stone Color - Green


Silver Chain Included. 

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